Cinematic experience for screen and display


New Media


Lisa Menzel

Dominik Kaschubowski

Hyerin Yu

Eunjae Kim

Tamina Volpp

Eva Kiselva

Laura Gentner

Aleyna Arslan

Pascal Hecker

Dominik Mayer


Semester Project

Field of Study

New Media


Lisa Menzel: The Dark Core - a interactive Twine Game

In this colloquium, students were confronted with two major questions: How is film being changed by new media? And most importantly, how is the design of new media affected by the cinematic way of seeing and feeling? After a brief exploration of the intersections of the two fields through historical and contemporary practices and techniques, as well as conceptual foundations, the colloquium continued with short exercises on interactive films, nonlinear and/or algorithmic storytelling, and split-screen experiments. One of the exercises was developed into a project.

All projects with descriptions can be found on Prof. Olia Lialina’s

Hyerin Yu: Swipe to unroll