The First Generation – Emotional Potentials of Illustration


Visual Communication


Isabelle Beiter

Lea-Philine Beyer

Nikita Bondarenko

Emilia Eichhorn

Laura Gentner

Janina Hartmann

Max Hegenbart

Jana Konz

Sina Eyleen Kutz

Lilli Natzschka

Jennifer Ruppert

Michelle Stoll

Joaquin Veintimilla Prado

Aida Zaid


Semester Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


Prof. Florian Bayer presents some of the student works of the semester project at the exhibition.

Together with the students, Prof. Florian Bayer dedicated himself to the climate-related transformation in this project: Together, a look into the future is ventured – and the question is posed as to what life after the tipping points might look like. For many people, opening up emotionally to the ramifications of social upheaval and the challenges it poses is an effort. Pictures help to find one’s own emotional imagination. An attempt is made to find out whether a look at our present in “retrospect” can change or possibly even emotionalize our perception of the everyday and what we take for granted. All this with the goal of becoming an active part of the transformation ourselves.

Exhibition of the semester project "The First Generation".