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New Media


Prof. Olia Lialina presents a garment designed by an AI

High-tech fashion, wearables, smart dresses and other trends in fashion and art that turn people into cyborgs through their appearance or function: students explored garments that have become interfaces, sensors and data collectors, as well as issues such as privacy and surveillance, outsourcing and exploitation, overproduction and the permanently new.

Dress Code. Fashion and AI. in the show of works at the summer party.
Faux Couture: Blurring Reality and Imagination in Fashion by Lisa Menzel

Price loading…

In digital fashion when setting a price we no longer deal with quality of the materials, hanging threads or a missing button. In virtual realm there are other issues. What happens to the price if the materials of a dress are not yet loaded, or is the price rising if the garment consists of many different digital layers? In my Pop Up Store True Creation, you can find that out and even try on the clothes.

smartless//tasteless? by Julia Holz