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New Media


Nadja Schmidle: #Wintersweater

Anthropomorphic robots are here. Human Computer Interaction field is extending into direction of Human Robot Interaction. Engineers, product designers, doctors and lawyers (among others) argue about their functions, looks, implementation and rights. Fashion designers don’t stay aside and suggest garments that would make robots look even more human…

This semester we look closer at assumptions and trends that form around our “future companions” and develop fashion collections for the next seasons. But not only. Another task will be to reflect on high tech fashion, wearables, smart dresses and other trends of last decade fashion and art, that were supposed to push humans into cyborgs by their look or function; that were turning garments into interfaces, input and output devices, sensors and data collectors.

Seung-eon Kim: Self-remodeling Kit for Sex Robots

Nadja Schmidle: E-Paper Dolls

E-Paper Dolls combine Digital Fashion with the desire to “dress up” as someone. Well known as a children’s game this reinterpretation makes it possible to wear clothes through Instagram filters. All you need is the label tag that transforms paper into e-paper and space into dress. This first collection includes glamorous digital-only outfits inspired by famous Hollywood actresses. Now you can pose like Marilyn in your Insta-Story or dress like Audrey in your post.

Be your own Paper Doll!

Visit @mrdn_grl on Instagram to try it (mobile only).

Bodo Grulich: Masks and mischif
Marla Schneider: Inside AI