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New Media


Nadja Schmidle

Cora Lenz

Amelie Vogelmann

Marla Schneider

Cho Won Kim

Hyewon Shin

Tim Schmitt

Cho Won Kim


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New Media


Projekt von Nadja Schmidle

Suspended between stillness and movement, GIF images embody the meta-modern dialectical principle in their own technological structure. Of course they move, right, but their movement is frozen in an endless repetition of the same few frames. The paradoxical constitution of GIFs thus appears to mimic on the formal level the blocked dialectic of capitalism, its incessant pursuit of change that never changes anything.” DalAsta

Starting with GIFs’ origins, their history, and reasons for their omnipresence we will move to feedback loops, echo chambers, input and output modes of today’s digital objects, as well as IRL phenomena that follow the logic of oscillation, moving back and forth…

Ausschnitt aus How far can you go? by Cora Lenz & Amelie Vogelmann

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Five minutes of frame by Nadja Schmidle

How far can you go? by Cora Lenz & Amelie Vogelmann

The Brodway Scroll by Marla Schneider

Escape by Cho Won Kim

You’d better shake off your thoughts before you sleep by Hyewon Shin

Form Follows Emoji by everyone

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