Interface Design – No User Interface


New Media


Yerin Jo

Sabrina Hofmann

Vanessa Schmidt

Lisa Menzel

Philip Ponto

Max Schneider

Ines Marques

Alisa Eisele

Julia Holz


Semester Project

Field of Study

New Media


In the course “Interface Design”, the motto in the summer semester 2023 was “The best interface is no interface”. No User Interface is a a movement in the Human Computer Interaction that aims to go away from the concept of the interface itself, and design the applications in a way that users forget that there is a computer in between them and the task they want to accomplish.

Students gain fundamental content and practical knowledge in the area of interface design as well as a basic understanding of principles of human-computer interaction, advanced areas such as experience design and emotional design, and application in various areas of contemporary design.


Kalea is an app for journaling. But instead of having to write his thoughts down, the user is interacting with Kalea trough Voice UI. Because the user is talking to Kalea just like he is talking to a very good friend, it feels more natural to use.
After everything is said, the app will react to what has been said by saying something motivating or asking something according to the journal.
The user can also have a look at the journals she saved earlier. This way, she can always read them again and hear Kalea´s reaction again.
Why Kalea? We always have our smartphones with us, but not a paper and a pen. Maybe more people would start reflecting their day or thoughts when not having to write them down but by talking about them.