I see something – Photographic testimonies of the present.


Visual Communication


Leila Beganovic

Kevin Brodbeck

Leonie Bucher

Nele David

Silas Gabriel

Alonso John

Tamara Kimmich

Christian Ludwig

Moritz Mauch

Emma Roßbach

Linda Schley

Josepha Stolz

Lilly Thumm

Sarah Tuuli

Dogukan Yigen

Emily Zürn


Semester Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


I see something – Photographic testimonies of the present.

The frame of reference for the 15 photographic projects is the confrontation with a world in which war, climate catastrophe and anti-democratic upheavals challenge our social engagement. In their works, the students dealt with a variety of topics: Identity and origins, participation and exclusion, hedonism and music, body images, fandom in K-pop, brutalism, overmuchness. They photographed actions of the Last Generation as well as their personal realities, researched in the village and in the city – and reflected on their own perspective and responsibility as image producers.

The result is 15 photo book dummies and 45 posters in A2 format.