Mamma kocht Sizilianisch – la cucina povera


Bachelor, New Media


Fabio Godel


Final Project

Field of Study

Bachelor, New Media


Mamma and Nonna are goddesses at the stove – they swear by old house recipes and high-quality ingredients but know that these lose their value without careful and dedicated preparation. Pasta, pesce e pasticceria – i.e. noodles, fish and sweets, is the best way to describe Sicilian cuisine. It is a traditional, but very simple cuisine and yet varied. Shaped by the most diverse influences of foreign cultures and civilizations over centuries it is however a poor people’s cuisine, who mainly live off what grows in nature and in one’s own garden.

The hardcover cookbook Mamma kocht Sizilianisch – la cucina povera presents 11 dishes that tempt you to cook them yourself, supplemented with numerous illustrations in a wide variety of styles. As a digital counterpart to the cookbook, the recipes contained there can be found in the app of the same name, which is also equipped with an AR function. This offers the cook the opportunity to view a 3D model of the finished dish on the dining table via the screen of their smartphone.

Buon appetito!

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