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New Media


Nicoleta Domenti

Cora Lenz

Alonso John

Jonas Langenbrinck


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New Media


Project Presentation (at the Merz Akademie, VR-Lab). Copyright: E. Böker, CASB.

The project is about the experimental use of sound to enrich interactive virtual worlds.

Hernan Morales Navarrete shows the lab where he conducts the zebrafish embryo experiments. Copyright: E. Böker, CASB.
Warm welcome at the Merz Akademie - Prof. Mario Doulis with University of Konstanz scientists on the Merz Campus. Copyright: E. Böker, CASB.
Katrin Vogt and Akhila Mudunuri perfom behavioural exmperiments with drosophila larvae and track the movement. Copyright: E. Böker, CASB.