Cinematic experience for screen and display


Film and Video, New Media


Uliana Drashchenko

Nicoleta Domenti

Eliana Vieira Pereira

Felix Remmen

Dominik Jagar

Cynthia Onde-Breuil

Bahriye Beyza Nur Dizi Uysal


Semester Project

Field of Study

Film and Video, New Media


Immersed in Oneself by Uliana Drashchenko

This colloquium confronts students with two major questions:

How is film changed by new media? And, especially, how are new media design and computer interfaces influenced by the cinematic way of seeing and sensing?

After a short drive through the crossroads of both— historic and modern examples of practices and techniques as well as conceptual frameworks — we will continue with short exercises in interactive movies, nonlinear and/or algorithmic stories, and split-screen experiments. One of these exercises will be developed into a project.