Design Course Photographic Discipline


Visual Communication


Yu-Tung Chen

Semiha Degirmenci

Nicoleta Domenti

Uliana Drashchenko

Sophie Famula

Sangwoon Jung

Ceyda Meral

Alexandra Müller

Eliana Pereira

Christina Rollny

Krishi Sonthalia

Nadine Thurner

Jacqueline Walkobinger


Semester Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


"Face to Face" - Work exhibition at the final exhibition of the winter semester 2022/23

In a process of give and take, of exchange and appropriation, students recreate iconic portraits – images that are so well known they are instantly recognizable. While the focus is on light, framing, focal length, expression, props and costumes, the canon as a reference point is being questioned, reinterpreted – and maybe shifted.