Designing Post-technological Futures for Everything




Marius Aberle

Andrea Sofia Baires Carrera

Luisa Chryselidou

Zhanghui Ding

Ziting Gao

Despina Kotsoglou

Chiara La Torre


Semester Project

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Master students designed ads for a city in the 2050s

One week in a time capsule: In the Masters project workshop “Designing Post-technological Futures for Everything” Masters students created personal websites for fictional citizens living one billion seconds from now, in the 2050s, as a way to exercise their long-term, critical and planetary mindsets.

Mail from the year 2052 to now

The project week offers all students the opportunity to concentrate for a week only on the current semester project, the other regular study activities are interrupted. Lucy Black-Swan and Andres Colmenares from the think tank IAM took the students on a journey through time in the Master workshop in the winter semester 2020/21.

Lecturers and students from the Master workshop