New Media


Delaina Hasca


Final Project

Field of Study

New Media


Delaina Hasca with her installation "Substitution" in the Greenbox of the Merz Akademie

The neoliberal paradigm of the 1970s-90s made within an expanded notion of economics the increased intersection between working and living places visible, as well as in that blurry space where the two work in partnership. An exchange system that through the project reflects on the excessive polarity between working ethics and drug consumerism. The light installation is twofold: while visitors are led to contextualise the fluorescent illustrations, it is only through active participation that the representation can literally be set in motion. Indeed, a bicycle forms the central element of the work and is meant to encourage visitors to pedal – to use their physical effort, their labour power – in order to illuminate the structures of the depicted process of correlation. An intentional voyage of discovery that moves through the collage, amidst a profusion of the material and the physical organizational forms by constantly keeping it moving and perceiving it. According to the slogan: allow everything, live in excessively complex tension, be ready for final draws, withdrawals, shifts and transformations. The merging of private and business leads to constant reformulation, elaboration and articulation of the framed fragments of the process of perception and simultaneously hold all objects in a state of possibility, on the verge of realization, in a preliminary phase of overabundance.