Traditions and Revolutions in Web Design


New Media


Philip Fode

Sten Heijster

Shreya Patil

Jovana Mikicic

Lea-Philine Beyer

Vanessa Schmidt

David Valera Wilson

Dominik Kaschubowski

Haeeun Shin

Kevin Brodbeck

Emilia Eichhorn

Karl Hartnigk

Luis Lavadinho

Luis Weiler


Semester Project

Field of Study

New Media


A tribute to Mosaic by Philip Fode

The web design profession is almost 30 years old and is one of the most in-demand specializations in interface design. In that time, web design has gone through many different phases, ups and downs. It has evolved technically and aesthetically, and has always had a strong influence on the other fields of Human Computer Interaction.
Its open architecture and free exchange of code and design patterns make the Web an environment where new design ideas can be developed and instantly proven to a large audience. Thus, technologically and culturally, it is the driving force of interface design that is constantly in flux. This semester we will examine the history of web design styles and genres.

We will trace the history of specific elements and examine how the principles of user-centered design and emotional design have evolved over this time and what their current status is.

Just another 90‘s fan page by David Valera Wilson
Sky of the legendary dove.gif by Vanessa Schmidt