Visuelle Praxis & Konzeption


Visual Communication


Angela Mitterwald

Carla Freund

Jovana Mikicic

Jule Brandhuber

Lea Amelie Baur

Nadja Fleck

Niclas Rüdiger

Nora Labudda


Semester Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


Jule Brandhuber

Visual Practice & Conception is part of the course of studies “Design, Art and Media” with a holistic approach and the possibility to deepen the knowledge and skills through theory and experimental workshop work.

The course is explicitly aimed at students with their own ideas for self-designed artistic projects. The choice of topic is free; research and conception are intensively supported. Art and design are taught as a formative and communicative practice related to society.


Alle Projekte der Studierenden:

Angela Mitterwald – Ableismus (#THINKBEFOREYOUSPEAK)

Carla Freund & Jovana Mikicic – UN CONSCIOUS

Jule Brandhuber – La Reflexe D‘Irritation. Ein Versuch, der Exklusivität zu entfliehen

Lea Amelie Baur – moment.

Nadja Fleck – Superior. Made in Pain.

Niclas Rüdiger – Campa

Nora Labudda – IN STEREO. Stereotypen gegen das Denken der neuen Generation

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