Video/Audio-Workshop: Upcycling/Remixing

Irmela Nothdurft, Michael Baur

Event Type

Info Event

Field of Study

Film and Video

Date & Location

Tue, 08 Aug 2023, 10:00–18:00

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In the workshop of the video studio, old becomes trendy. The theme is upcycling, i.e. remixing existing video material to make it new.

With Irmela Nothdurft as our image expert and Michael Baur as our sound expert, you will create something new and original from found material. Whether it’s a short video or even a meme is up to you. You will not only edit your clips at the editing stations, but also add your own sound to them in the studio.

So if you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself in the magic behind film, maybe even have some old video material at home that you’ve wanted to make something out of for a long time, or are simply curious where your ideas will take you in a day when they have free rein, here’s your chance.

Sign up for one or more workshops (limited number of participants). Cost per workshop: 10 EUR.