VR Workshop: The Virtual Stage with Game Engine Unity 3D

Jörg Frohnmayer

Event Type

Info Event

Field of Study

New Media

Date & Location

Mon, 07 Aug 2023, 09:30–17:30

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Without any theatre, the VR workshop is about literally building a stage for your own ideas.

Based on the classic structure of the set design, which has always allowed viewers to immerse themselves in fictional worlds, and under the guidance of workshop leader Jörg Frohmayer, you will design your own stage. However, there will be no staged rooms, but rather a very handy and virtual one in the game engine Unity 3D. You will learn how to integrate images into the programme and actually create walk-in rooms. These are then available digitally and can also be taken home.

As budding set designers, you need neither prior knowledge nor training as a carpenter. All you need to do is register in advance with Unity 3D (https://id.unity.com/). You can also bring sketches, pictures or models with you to integrate into your stage design later.

Sign up for one or more workshops (limited number of participants). Cost per workshop: 10 EUR.

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VR Workshop: The Virtual Stage with Game Engine Unity 3D