Making Materialized Magazines – Designing Content

Colin Caradec

Event Series

Making Magazines

Field of Study

Visual Communication

Date & Location

Tue, 05 Jul 2016, 19:30

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Why start a paper journal about books at a time when the internet is calling into question the average Westerner’s innate materialism, and at a time when the price of a book­-as­-object puts off devotees of free knowledge on the net? What is becoming of bound volumes today – ­ that foundation of our society, those keepers of our history? How to pair new ways of enhancing and managing content with old values and traditions? How to keep the relation between content and art­-direction alive and intimate? By way of answering these questions, Colin Caradec will talk about his experiences as magazine­ and bookmaker and cofounder of the well­-known Paris­-based The Shelf Company.