How to store evidence, where it can never be hacked

Lauren Alexander, Ghalia Elsrakbi

Event Series

Welcome to the Real World

Field of Study

Crossmedia Publishing

Date & Location

Wed, 23 Jan 2019, 19:30

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A retrospective presentation of Foundland’s ongoing art and design projects, executed between 2012 and present. Focussing on their approach of gathering, documenting, analysing and re-interpreting images, video and stories found on social media related to the ongoing conflict in Syria, from an artist’s perspective. Foundland experiments with modes of re-publishing including video, printed publications and live storytelling.

Foundland Collective was formed in 2009 by South African Lauren Alexander (Cape Town, 1983) and Syrian Ghalia Elsrakbi (Damascus, 1978) and is today based between Amsterdam and Cairo. The platform enables us to explore shared research desires through art, design, writing, education and multidisciplinary collaboration. We continually experiment with different modes of working and have shifted roles from being artists, designers, editors, film directors and project organizers to educational facilitators and lecturers. Throughout our development we have critically reflected upon what it means to produce politically engaged, de-colonial storytelling from our position as non-Western artists working between Europe and the Middle East. ​