Prof. Diana McCarty


Diana McCarty


European Summer University, Ecole supérieure de l’image Poitiers, doctoral programme, 2002

Master of Media Arts Program, Media Studies, The New School, New York City 2001

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque 1993

Program for Foreign Students, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City 1989

Projekte und Initiativen, co-founder and editor of the award winning Berlin based artists radio that broadcasts art, discourse and electronic music from Berlin. Established 2004., co-founder and moderator of an ongoing mailing list for women in media. The project aims to develop and maintain networks for women artists, designers, and programmers. A website and database makes the extensive work of women visible to an international public. Established in 1997.

Luta ca caba inda, collaborates with this loose-knit collective initiative has produced digital archives, short and feature films, publications, radio broadcasts and public events that address African liberation movements, experimental film and memory. The international group (Filipa Cesar and Sana N’Hada, ao.) has been working together since 2011., co-founder of the award winning International radio art exchange network; Produces and syndicates radio art programs via more than 27 art radios around the world. Established in 2005.

elsehere e.V., co-founder of a transnational feminist art collective armed with an inbuilt grain of indestructibility. We are committed to a policy of empowerment and an economy of care that shares approaches to knowledge.

Radio Netzwerk Berlin e.V., co-founder of the non-profit that successfully lobbied the MABB for the first non-profit broadcasting licenses available in Berlin. The network includes & Cashmere radio, wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio, radiomobil and SAVVY funk.

Red Forest Assembly, a collective that grounds together research, art, political imagination and social actions striving for transformative justice and ecological reparations. With David Muñoz Alcántara, Mijke van der Drift and Oleksiy Radynski.


KONE Foundation, Research Fellowship 2021, Finland

NRW „Medienkunstfonds“ und „Medienkunstfellows,“ Funding Program, Jury, 2021-2022

Female Artist Award NRW 2022 in the category Digital Art, Jury, October, 2021

BAK Fellow 2019/2020, post-academic program, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

First Prize, Creative Radio Contest, (Media Board Berlin Brandenburg) 2011

Vienna Media Culture Fund, Digital Communities appointee, City of Vienna, Cultural Senate 2010-11

Honorary Mention, Digital Communities,, Ars Electronica Festival, 2007

Transnational Communities Award, US- Mexico Foundation for Culture, Mexico City 2007

Multimedia IBM Woman’s Special Award, Virtual International Woman’s University 2003

Media Art Fellow, Academy of Media Arts, Köln, Germany, 1998

Organisation von Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen (Auswahl)

Sambatas Stagings, A Red Forest project with symposia, performance, film and audio, supported by the Goethe Institut and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Kiew, August 2021

Latitude on Air: Unsettling Power Relations, four-day experimental transversal radio, that transcended and explored locality and healthy new forms of sociality. Co-curator and initiator with and Goethe Institute, 2020

CineMigrante, international film festival, Selection and jury of films, hosting discussions, screenings and radio broadcasts. Buenos Aires, Argentina & Barcelona, Spain, 2017

Savvy Funk Berlin, One month Documenta Radio.Technical production and broadcast (with and organization of frequency for temporary artists radio. Berlin, Germany, 2017

From C to X, A feminist alphabet of media, A discussion of feminist media practices from Cyberfeminism to Xenofeminism over the past 20 years. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2017, Temporary experimental radio in Berlin with workshops, discussions, public events and broadcasts. Berlin, Germany, 2016

Nervous Systems – Quantified Life and Social Question, Exhibition, workshops and events about digital life. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Destination Berlin, Commemoration of the changes of 1989 with video screenings from the Transitland video art archive, discussions on video, art, aesthetics and politics of East/West Europe post 1989. CHB, Berlin, Germany, 2009

Prologue EST: New Feminism New Europe A three day internal workshop including local and international artists, activists and theoreticians to discuss emergent political situations. Topics: labor, gender and economy. Tallin, Estonia. 2009

Imagine Radio 2.0, Seminar, workshops and performances about the future of radio with international participants. Various Locations, Berlin, Germany, 2007

The Language of Resistance /Prologue BLN, Seminar, Screenings, Performances and lectures on the topics of emerging social, political and geographic European maps. The international interdisciplinary event included artists, activists,economists, computer programmers and theorists. Berlin, Germany, 2006

HTMlles, Co-curator, exhibition, concerts, panel discussions with women from Montreal and Berlin. The program focus was on women and technology. In collaboration with the CTM Festival. Berlin, Germany, 2004

Beauty and the East: the Nettime Spring Meeting, Co-organizer with Vuk Cosic, Geert Lovink, Marko Peljhan and Pit Schultz. This seminal event in East and West European media culture fostered a critical approach to new media. Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1997

MetaForum Conference Series Organized with Geert Lovink and Janos Sugar. The three-year conference series proved seminal to international new media culture, introducing netzkritik and among other things. Academy of Fine Arts/Media Research Foundation, Budapest, Hungary 1994-96

Künstlergespräche und -produktionen (Auswahl)

Audre Lourde: The Berlin Years, Discussion with Dagmar Schultz, NGBK, Berlin 2018

Spell Reel, feature experimental documentary, screenplay and adviser with Filipa Cesar, 2017

Kosmos Labor, Discussion with Grada Kilomba, Gorki Theatre, Berlin, 2017

Born in Flames, Discussion with Lizzie Borden, NGBK, Berlin, 2017

Kosmos Labor, Discussion with Grada Kilomba, Gorki Theatre, Berlin, 2016

Burning Red, Screenplay with Franziska Kleiner, in process, 2015

Breaking the Waves, MuseRuole, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano. Italy, 2013

The Otolith Group, Seminar with Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika Sagar, Düsseldorf 2013

Conakry, Filipa Cesar film in cooperation with Diana McCarty & Grada Kilomba, Berlin, 2012

Finding Africa, Manthia Diawara & Oliver Hardt discuss African roots in culture and politics. Berlin, 2012

Art & Revolution, Lynn Hershman interview on feminist politics and art in the USA. 2011

Economy & Reconciliation, Neville Alexander, discussion, House of World Cultures, Berlin 2010 African Film, Jahman

Anikalupo & Newton Aduaka, interview House of World Cultures, Berlin 2009

If I Can’t Dance, Hito Steyerl, discussion, Debalie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2007

Rendering Time, Linda Wallace, discussion Tesla, Berlin, Germany, 2006

Winter Sonne, Audio production Imran Ayata, Seda Gürses and Filiz Aknar, 2006

Apocolypto: Broadcast Darius James, Karl-Heinz Jeron, & Peter Dennet. Featuring Sun Ra, 2005

Ein Leben in Vier Stunden, Jimmie Durham, discussion Kunstwerk, Berlin, Germany, 2005

The Wishing Hour, Kodwo Eshun and Erik Davis, discussion, 2003

Timescapes, Corridor X, experimental video production with Angela Melitopoulos, 2002

Day of the Manifesto, Opening Event Documenta X, Hybrid Workspace Kassel, Germany, 1997

Konferenz- und Festivalteilnahmen (Auswahl)

Transperiphery Movement: Global Eastern Europe and Global South, OFF-Biennale Budapest, May 2021.


Exchange #1: The Wheres and Whens of Networks, Transmediale, Volksbühne, Berlin, 2020

Deserting from the Culture Wars, BAK, Utrecht, 2019

The Many Faces of Fascism, Transmediale-Face Value, HKW, Berlin, Germany, 2018

Post-Cyber Feminist International, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK, 2017

Archiving Africa, Irep International Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria, 2017

Post-X Politics,Leuphana University, Lueneburg, Germany 2017

Feminist Training Camp, NGBK Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Post-Digital Anxiety, Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Germany 2016

Sofia Queer Forum, New left conference, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012

Cyberfeminists & Girls on the Web Re:publica Bloggers Conference, Berlin Germany 2011 Transitland, Goethe Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria 2010

International Symposia of Electronic Arts Prologue: New Feminism, New Europe, Belfast, Ireland 2009

Foreign Experience post -89 Art, Ludwig Museum Budapest, 2009

Stadion, Art in Public Space, Warsaw Poland, 2008

Cyberfeminism, Past Forward VBOE, Vienna, Austria 2007

In/Security: New Conditions of Work City of Women Cankarjev dom,  Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005

Hacking the Body, Kunsterlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 2005 Freize Art Fair, London, United Kingdom, 2005

Code Conference Millennium Park, Budapest, Hungary 2004

Transit Wellen Art in Public Space, Munich, Germany 2004

Next Five Minutes Debalie, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004

Netuser National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria 2003

Digitales Taverne des Beaux-Arts and Filmmuseum Brussels, Belgium 2003

The Genome and Society Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia 2001

Zac, Palais du Tokyo Paris, France 2001

Faces in Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France 1998

Next Five Minutes, Debalie, Amsterdam, NL 1996

Pyramedia, Museum of Modern Art, Tirana, Albania, 1998

International Symposia of Electronic Arts Chicago Institute of the Arts, 1997

Videomedja, Novi Sad, Serbia; Lecture; Cyberconf5, Madrid, Spain 1996

Venice Biennale, Net.Time, Italy: Lecture 1995

Publikationen (Auswahl)

(be)coming Media – Technofeminist Pasts, Presents & Potentials, “Deserting from the Culture Wars”, eds. Maria Hlavajova,

Sven Lütticken, MIT Press: Boston, 2020

Meteorisations Reading Amílcar Cabral’s Agronomy of Liberation Filipa César (edited with Diana McCarty), “The Wretched Earth: Botanical Conflicts and Artistic Interventions”, eds. Ros Gray and Shela Sheikh, Third Text, vol 32, Issue 2-3, : London, 2018

Vote Auction 3.0 – digital deja vu, rewind, news fake, fast forward, Net Art Anthology, ed. Michael Conner, Rhizome: New York, 2018

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Akademische Tätigkeiten

Merz Akademie, Professor of Film and Video (with Filipa César), Stuttgart, 2021

University of the Underground, ‘Magic Communism: energetic materialism and mediatic futures, Amsterdam, June 2021

PRATT INSTITUTE, Department of Humanities & Media Studies, Visiting Lecturer, New York, October 2020

Long Beach City College, Department of Media Studies, Guest Lecture, Long Beach, May, 2020,

TELEPORT 2120 – MERZ AKADEMIE, (workshop with Filipa César, invited by Katja Diefenbach), Stuttgart, June 2020

HKU University of the Arts, MA Student Mentor, Utrecht, 2019/2020.

Munich Kammerspiele, Friendly Confrontations Campus, Lecturer, Munich, January 2020

Sabbar Artistiques, Master Class, Goethe Institute, Lecturer, facilitator, Dakar, 2019

Kunsthochschule für Medien, Guest Lecturer, Cologne, 2019

Akademie der Künste der Welt, Guest Lecturer, Cologne, 2018

Potsdam University, Guest Lecturer, Potsdam, 2018

Academy of Fine Arts, Antoni Muntadas Media Course, Guest Lecturer, Venice, 2015

Academy of Fine Arts, Expanded Media Seminar, Guest Lecturer, Leipzig, 2015

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Media Arts, Guest Lecturer, Copenhagen, 2015

University of Fine Arts, Media in Public Space Program, Guest Lecturer, Berlin, 2014

University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, Guest Lecture, Budapest, 2009/11

Academy of Fine Arts, Guest Lecturer, Mexico City, 2007

University of the Arts, Experimental Film and Video program, Guest Lecturer, Berlin 2007

Cornerhouse, Youth Education Programme, Guest Lecturer, Manchester, 2007

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Guest Lecturer, Oslo, 2006

Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, Guest Lecturer, Budapest 2005

Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, Guest Lecturer, Budapest 1995-1998

Prof. Peter Ott

Film und Video

Seit 2007 hauptamtlicher Professor im Studienbereich Film und Video.