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New Media

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Hand to Ear by Saemi Kwon

„Users should set the pace of an interaction“ writes interface design pioneer Jef Raskin on the first pages of The Humane Interface (2000), reminding designers and developers that the person who is using the computer has the last word in how (fast) things should happen on a computer screen.

This semester we looked at the history and principles of „humane“, i.e. user centered in Graphic User Interface and Post GUI scenarios. Algorithmic timeline, infinite scrolling, or endless conversation with AI change computer users’ perception of time dramatically. How to design for scenarios where immediacy should coexist with eternity? What possibilities and responsibilities designers should be aware of? We revised and experimented with the very idea of time and pace in design of modern software products and tryed to make it right!

How much longer? By Dabin Kim

How Much Longer? is a draft of software that expands the scrollbar’s function to help digital reading behavior. It started with the idea that the important viewpoint in digital text reading and its form (software) is not to transmit forms such as book, paper and pages, but to transfer only the sense in the previous reading act. The work answers the following questions: What kind of collapse and abandonment is the current digital reading behavior built on? How to do Pagination in a system based on infinite scrolling? Where and how to display index?

The KEY by Michael Berta
Forward to the Past by Severina Stainos and Selena Sandalj
Work in Progress in the Pace of Interaction Project: Saemi Kwon and Roland Batroff

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