VOR-BILD Expanding Narratives


Visuelle Kommunikation




Visuelle Kommunikation

Betreuende Dozentin

The project VOR-BILD Expanding Narratives examines the power of photography to pursue utopian ideas, to document and push forward social change and to make the unseen visible. With reference to personal and artistic role models that resonate, the students’ photographs reflect on what is of particular significance for them, how they envision the world to be and what stories are yet to be told.

With projects by: Lea Amelie Baur, Hyuna Choi, Laura Benner, Bradley Watson, Lisa Wiederhold, Mia Hohenstatt, Juliane Tombiri, Christina Rollny, Semiha Degirmenci, Leander Dürrstein and Emma Rossbach

In the Semester Project the Students Produced Several Zines and a Collective Photozine
The Students of the Semester Project Presented Their Work to Each Other at the End of the Class

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