Sustainability and Social Economy

Roel Forceville


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Di, 28. Mai 2024, 19:30 Uhr

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The case of Recyclart, a Brussels based non-governmental organization (NGO) on the crossroads of Arts and Social Economy.

Recyclart was created in 1997 to bring new life in a marginalised neighbourhood of Bruxelles-Chapelle in central Brussels. More than 2 decades later, and after having moved to Molenbeek in 2018, the organisation still has a threefold mission: to offer a urban-based and alternative artistic programme, to enhance the employability, to promote local cohesion. Recyclart offers different multidisciplinary artistic presentations ranging from workshops on urban development to nightlife activities. In its workshops, tailormade furniture is constructed. Recyclart also has a bar-restaurant. The association operates with ca. 40 staff, half of which are in professional integration programmes.

Roel Forceville has been the director of Recyclart since October 2018. Prior to joining the organisation he has been active in NGO’s working on human rights and/or international youth work in Belgium and abroad.