Weak Resistance and Feminist Antifascism

Ewa Majewska

Event Series

Disarming Chekhov’s Gun

Field of Study

Film and Video, New Media

Date & Location

Tue, 07 Jun 2022, 19:30

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In the turbulent times of today, the voices of the marginalized and oppressed, of the weak and shaken, tend to disappear. Silenced by the contradicting waves of heroism on the one hand and panic on the other, the political agency of the everyday – care and reproductive labour, maintenance of common relationships and groups – are even more invisible than in the times of peace. The networks of solidarity and care provide connections helping individuals and groups not only to survive in times of war and disinformation, but also to construct alternatives to the exploitative neoliberal patterns of today’s life and labour. These networks can perhaps best be depicted as feminist antifascism, as they often form against discrimination and exploitation. We should discuss these acts and strategies together, as forms of the weak resistance, shaping another, feminist and minoritarian discourse of political agency, one not seduced by heroism, hegemony and abusive forms of power.