On the Edge

Lecture Series

Winter Semester 2021/22

Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video, New Media

Curated by

Peter Ott, Olia Lialina, Kevin B. Lee, Mario Doulis


Conversations on Sustainability in Art, Design and Media

Being on the edge: despair, anxiety, inability to make a step forward or suddenly considering the meaninglessness of it. No reason or no way to go back. There’s nowhere to go. Relatable? This state of despair and anxiety is spreading fast. The more you hear about the new normal, the less hopes you get for it. Ecological catastrophe, wars, scarcity of resources, precarious job situations, … leave less room for optimism.

But it is not only this state and the feeling we would like to address with the lecture series. But the constellations of power, architecture of the systems each of us is involved on daily basis, professionally and personally, in public and in private, as artists, researchers, teachers, parents or children. In the center or on the edge of the network that constitutes our lives.

What does it mean to be on the edge of the system, how much power do you have to influence the decisions made in the center, how to emancipate and connect the edges? These questions are not new, but they get vital in the light of the “edge computing” that is spreading in IT industry and beyond, steadily transforming from technical to ideological paradigm. The burden and responsibility are pushed to the ends of the networks, but autonomy of the edges is taken away. We have invited scholars, artists and activists to shed life on these processes.