Und es machte Pong.

Andreas Lange

Event Series

Playing with the (Im)possible – Computing Games

Field of Study

Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video

Date & Location

Wed, 02 Nov 2022, 19:30

Andreas Lange: On Pong, the first computer game that just turned 50, game history and the work shown in the Pong-Mythos exhibition. Lange is the founder Computer Games Museum Berlin and curator of Pong-Mythos.

Andreas Lange is secretary of EFGAMP e.V. (European Federation of Game Archives Museums and Preservation Projects). Before he was founding director of the Computer Games Museum in Berlin and its curator until August 2018. He co-initiated the UNESCO campaign ‘Demoscene – Art of Coding’. He acts as an expert for European Union and the German Unesco commission in the field of gaming culture, digital heritage cultural diversity and is member of the Management Comitee of the research project “Grassroots of Digital Europe: from Historic to Contemporary Cultures of Creative Computing” (2022-2026)

Andreas Lange and Prof. Diana McCarty