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Joan Heemskerk

Event Series

Playing with the (Im)possible – Computing Games

Field of Study

Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video

Date & Location

Wed, 23 Nov 2022, 19:30

Joan Heemskerk in our lecture series

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the artist 🎮 will speed run through
the history of computer 🖥 game [AB]use
startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3 ÷‚‹≤

👾 Game Over  👾

Joan Heemskerk is a contemporary artist who makes WWWorks as a daily artistic practise in the cloud. She is also a member of the art collective JODI >>> JODI, or (jodi.org) – pioneered net.art in 1995. JODI were among thd first artists to investigate and subvert conventkoos od the Internet, computer programs, and video ajd computer games.

Joan Heemskerk with her presentation "[ENTER] to stART".