Poetic Institutions

Moritz Finkbeiner, Wato Tsereteli

Event Series

For a new art academy! For a new Europe!

Field of Study

Department of Theory

Date & Location

Tue, 06 Jun 2023, 19:30

Poetic Institutions: Verein Für Flüssigkeiten und Schwingungen (Stuttgart) / The Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi – Moritz Finkbeiner (FFUS, Stuttgart) und Wato Tsereteli (CCA, Tbilisi)

Stuttgart-based Moritz Finkbeiner has been active as an autodidactic musician since the early 90s in numerous bands and music projects. Since the late 90s he has been organizing concerts at various off-locations in Stuttgart under the name “Für Flüssigkeiten & Schwingungen”. Both his own bands and the concerts he organizes are connected less by a common musical genre than by a way of organizing the conditions of making music, very much based on an all-encompassing “D.I.Y.” ethic: A form of organization that is based on networking, solidarity, self-responsibility and self-administration that does without any official financial support.

Wato Tsereteli is an artist, curator and author who has led and developed numerous important institutions and platforms within the contemporary Georgian art scene. He was an Associate Professor of Media Arts at Tbilisi Art Academy from 2005 to 2014. In 2010 he initiated the Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi that has become an international educative and cultural platform with a nine-month informal master program on Creative Mediation. Since 2012, Wato has been the initiator, co-curator and artistic director of Tbilisi Triennial. He has participated in numerous art exhibitions and written and edited publications. In 2000, he initiated Media Art Farm (MAF), the first Georgian platform for education, research and the development of contemporary art. Georgia’s first four-year accredited bachelor program, the Institute of Photography and New Media, was a part of MAF.

Wato Tsereteli and Moritz Finkbeiner