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Visuelle Kommunikation




Visuelle Kommunikation

Betreuender Dozent

The course took place in unusual closing conditions. That is why I adapted the tasks to this situation. Especially the word Raum in the name of the course, it fit perfectly here.

Motiv: Sunny Lou Meret Berger, Task 3

Task 1
Typography in non-typography
The first task was to find elements of typography in things that surround us (at home, on the balcony, outside, in the garden…)
It was necessary to find inspiration, take a picture and then design a letter on the basis of this picture. The imagination necessary to solve the task.

Task 2
Poetics of Tangible Typography / Poetik der materiellen Typographie
The typographic poster of the selected phrase: Excess, Fragile, Beauty or…
There is one main condition; you cannot use designed fonts, slogan must be designed with material forms. (You can use bones, sand, earthworms, air or…)

Last Task 3
The critical moment /Der kritische Moment /Moment krytyczny
Let’s exit into space (space not defined by the lecturer) with a visual and typographic message; „The critical moment”
The space is to be defined by the student. Subject area also. Any technique. Any place. Any idea!

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