Larry Cuba zu Gast
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Larry Cuba zu Gast

Larry Cuba, Pionier der Computer Animation aus den USA zeigte uns einige seiner Filmarbeiten - das war ein sehr interessanter Nachmittag für unsere New Media und Film-Studierenden!

Gene Youngblood: "Larry Cuba is one of the most important artists currently working in the tradition known variously as abstract, absolute or concrete animation. This is the approach to cinema (film and video) as a purely visual experience, an art form related more to painting and music than to drama or photography." 1986

William Moritz: "Larry Cuba must be considered the most distinguished practitioner of "computer graphics", for, though he has created only three films in the last 20 years, each one of them remains a masterpiece of Visual Music that resonates with fresh interest each time it is viewed-- the same replay-value that fine auditory music possesses." 1996

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