learning for life


Winter Semester 2018/19


Curated by

Ronald Kolb, Hannah Horst, Jana Thierfelder, Lukas Ludwig, Florian Model


Motiv: Florian Model

Workshops and Conference “learning for life – Current forms of knowledge transfer, artistic acting in groups, strategic-artistic forms of governance and research (in and with communities)”

With workshops of WochenKlausur (Martina Reuter, Wolfgang Zinggl), Chantal Küng, Stefan Wagner, Felipe Castelblanco, notamuse (Lea Sievertsen und Silva Baum) and Verlag für Handbücher (Anna Romanenko, Björn Kühn, Oliver Kraft) and lectures by Edgar Schmitz, Dorothee Richter, Alistair Hudson, Judith Siegmund and a livestream-Input by Forensic Architecture.

On Friday, 9 November 2018, the final conference with panels, discussions and presentations will take place from 10:00 a.m. onwards. The conference is open to the public. Admission is free. The conference will take place in English.

Forms of teaching and learning have changed profoundly since 100 years ago, when Albrecht Leo Merz founded the reform pedagogical project of the Merz Bildungswerk. Reform pedagogical teaching – by A.L. Merz and elsewhere – seems almost experimental from today’s point of view. Strict structuring and modularisation, not least due to the Bologna Reform, have made the possibilities of a “free” study more difficult. Digitisation also describes a tremendous transformation process in the university sector and in society at large.

Against this background, the workshops and conference “learning for life” highlight important aspects of current learning and teaching strategies. They are intended to give impetus to reflect on current and future forms of learning and teaching. The workshops especially address democratic, critical and emancipatory issues of teaching and working methods.