Reforming art and design education as a political and existential imperative


Department of Theory


Aiman Alsharif

Michael Géza Berta

Tamina Büttner

Young Choi

Else de Waal

Uliana Drashchenko

Hannah Gendig

Julia Holz

Dominik Jagar

Paul Kley

Ceyda Meral

Mariajose Riofrio Flores

Malin Schupp

Lelia Silverii

Fabian Stahl

Ruta Vasiliauskaite

Klara Zdrazilova


Semester Project

Field of Study

Department of Theory


For a new art academy! For a new Europe!

With this grandiose sounding project in mind… We made some first steps in creating our academy within an academy in taking over the copier room. These are the first modest results of some of the exercises we did over the course of the semester.

Thanks to PROMOS and Erasmus funding, Prof. Dr. David Quigley and his students were able to organize an excursion to Greece during this semester project, including a one-week workshop. This was carried out together with the Vilnius Academy of Arts and the Athens School of Fine Arts.