30DEGREES – Final Exhibition of the Summer Semester – Online Now!

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Bachelor, Master

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Fri, 23 Jul 2021, 17:00

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30DEGREES – Final Exhibition of the Summer Semester

The graduates will present their work in the fields of Film and Video, New Media, Visual Communication and – for the first time – Crossmedia Publishing. Their projects deal artistically and critically with topics such as gender ideologies, ideals of beauty and pornography as well as the influence of online media and algorithms. The exhibition will feature documentary, fictional and interactive films, photographs, video essays, 3D worlds, installations, publications and much more.

The 30DEGREES exhibition was developed by Spanish media artist Manuel Minch in collaboration with New Media Professor Mario Doulis.

In addition to the Bachelor and Master projects, there will then also be a digital showcase of current projects from all areas of study, which have now been created in what is now the third online semester.

We are looking forward to see you on our digital campus!

Let’s Start the Digital Showcase of Summer Semester Projects:

Motiv: Julia Holz
Alissa Hein: Screenstory
Filmstill aus "Swim in Milk" von Joscha Pflüger
TJ Schmitt: FAB
Vincent Elsässer: A_Romance *Will Never Begin Here
AnthropoMORPH by Marius Kreiser
Domestic Violence Help App by Maria Kamenskaya
Finding and Defining Identity
Marius Gaile - Google Earth and the Networked Image
Music in the Age of Spotify and Algorithms by Sukyoung Lee (Screenshot)
Catcalling by Lana Mildenberger und Jessica Martin
Chiara la Torre: My sisters typical Sicilian wedding
Ausschnitt aus dem fiktiven Blog-Post von Annalena Ceskutti zum Thema "Traumdeutung", entstanden im Werkstattkurs "Writing for Crossmedia"
Congratulations to our Bachelor and Master graduates!